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Online Banking

Convenience Solutions

We understand that your time is valuable and we offer a number of services designed to make access to your Progressive Bank accounts as easy and convenient as possible.

Online Banking

Progressive Bank's Online Banking Services give you immediate access to your account information from the convenience of your home or office computer. You can handle your banking securely over the Internet with no monthly service fee.

To use the Online Banking System, you must have a Progressive Bank account. You can sign up by using our Online Enrollment Form here at our website:

  1. Click on Enroll in the Online Banking Login Circle located on our Home Page.
  2. Enter your First Time User information & click Submit.

You can use Retail Online Banking to:

  • View Account Balances
  • View Account History & Check Images
  • View 12 months of account statements
  • Search History by check #, amount, date range
  • Transfer funds between Progressive Bank accounts
  • Request Stop Payments
  • Pay your bills online with Online Bill Pay
  • Make loan payments

The Online Banking System brings together a combination of industry-approved security technologies to protect data for the Bank and for our customers. It features password controlled system entry, a VeriSign-issued Digital ID for the bank's server, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol for data encryption, and a router loaded with a firewall to regulate the inflow and outflow of server traffic. Using these technologies, your Online Banking transactions are secure.

Online Bill Pay

When you use Online Bill Pay, you join the millions of people who make their lives easier each month by paying their bills online.

It's the safest and most convenient way to take care of your monthly finances. When you pay your bills with your paper check through traditional mail, you have no guarantee that the payment will get to the recipient, and no way to prove that your payment was mailed on time.

Paying bills online saves time, money, and postage... and provides documentation regarding your payment dates, amounts, etc. that would not be available to you through traditional avenues. And, when you use our Progressive Bank Online Bill Pay Services, "powered by CheckFree", you're protected by the CheckFree Guarantee. With the CheckFree Guarantee, you know that your payment will get where it is supposed to go - safely and reliably.

With Online Bill Pay, you can:

  • Pay all your bills in minutes from your Checking Account
  • Set up recurring payments for bills that are the same each month
  • Track and view your payment history online
  • Make P2P payments to your friends and family with our Popmoney P2P Service

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For any questions you may have, contact our Online Banking Specialist at (318) 651-5100 or e-mail Deposit Account Services.

For your protection, please do not include any sensitive information such as account numbers or service requests on e-mail. This e-mail should only be used for general questions or comments.


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Popmoney logoWhen you're ready to send or receive money from friends and family, you want the process to be simple, convenient and secure. With Popmoney®, our person-to-person (P2P) payments solution, you can send and receive payments as easily as sending an e-mail or text. With over 1,800 financial institutions participating, Popmoney provides an expansive network for us to deliver secure P2P payments to you.

Popmoney enables you to send money directly to anyone via an account number, an e-mail address, or a mobile phone number. Popmoney users can send money regardless of where the other person or company does their banking business. If the receiving institution is not in the Popmoney network, recipients can tell to deposit the money directly into the recipient's bank account. Popmoney provides an easier, faster and more secure way to send money, making it just as easy to pay a person as it is to pay a bill.


  • An expansive network: With the Popmoney network of over 1,800 financial institutions, including 'top 10' banks, community banks, and credit unions, you can take advantage of a unified, secure, and easy-to-use P2P payments experience.
  • Seamless integration with our website: Using our Online Banking System, you can send money from your account to any other account. An e-mail address, mobile phone number, or account number is all you need.
  • Many payment optionsPopmoney is fully integrated with our PB Mobile mobile banking service. Through PB Mobile, you can access Popmoney directly from your mobile phone.
  • Industry-leading risk management: Popmoney leverages a powerful risk management platform that combines an extensive fraud detection database with authentication measures that are seamlessly integrated into the customer experience providing you peace of mind that your Popmoney transaction is secure.
  • A host of additional innovative features: Popmoney offers a variety of additional features including Request Money, whereby you can request payment from friends and family; and eGreetings, which allows you to send a personalized message with e-mail templates.

More good news

Now it is easier than ever for your friends and family to get the money you send. They can use the Quick Deposit feature to deposit your payments into their accounts without going through the full enrollment process. If they choose to enroll so they can send money as well, they will no longer be required to enter their social security number. You can even send money directly to a financial institution account, so your recipient doesn't have to do anything at all. 


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