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Introducing PB Card Control for your Progressive Bank Debit Card!

  • Receive real-time Alerts for Debit Card transactions

  • Control usage with Transaction and Location Limits

  • Turn your Debit Card Off orOn to disable or enable transactions

  • And more ...

If you are a PB Mobile customer, you will now find PB Card Control in your PB Mobile Menu.  Simply select Card Control and you will be directed to download the PBCardControl app.  Once you have downloaded the PBCardControl app, you can then always access PB Card Control through the PB Mobile Menu - what could be more convenient! 
Special Note for Android Users -- Please check our PB Card Control User Guide for special instructions regarding downloading our PBCardControl app on your  Android smartphone.

If you have questions or need more information, feel free to contact our Electronic Banking Department at ebanking@progressivebank.com.


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  PB Card Control App Image