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**SECURITY ALERT** -- NEVER send money to someone you don't personally know and trust. Remember, Progressive Bank will NEVER contact you for a one-time code or Online Banking login information and we will NEVER ask for your debit card PIN or other private financial information!

If you are a Progressive Bank customer and believe you are a victim of a scam, please contact our Deposit Services team at 318-651-5100.



Commercial Treasury Management

At Progressive Bank, we offer a wide range of affordable Treasury Management solutions to take the worry out of managing your cash flow. From paying your employees, to remote check deposits and beyond, we have secure and convenient solutions for every business need.

Business Solutions

Business Online Banking

Our Business Online Banking services give you immediate access to your accounts from anywhere.

  • View balances, history, and check images
  • View current day and pending transactions
  • Initiate wire transfers
  • Transfer funds between internal accounts and verified external accounts
  • Submit ACH files and tax payments

ACH Services

With our ACH (Automated Clearing House) Services, you can safely and efficiently pay or collect money electronically while eliminating losses from check fraud, reducing costly check stock, reducing processing and collection costs and time, and eliminating check-writing errors that may delay processing.

Commonly Used Services

  • Corporate vendor payments
  • Debt collections
  • Tax payments
  • Direct deposit payroll

Merchant Services

Offer your customers an array of secure, convenient payment choices and run your business from anywhere. Accept all forms of payment from cards to cash through our merchant partner with a suite of payment solutions featuring multi-layered security, data analytics to help you understand and grow your business, and smartphone and tablet integration to meet your customer where they want to do business with you.

PowerLink Remote Deposit

Scan checks and electronically deposit them from the comfort of any of your locations 24/7, expediting deposit availability. Eliminate the time and hassle of completing deposit tickets, balancing items, and making trips to the bank. Our online repository stores check images and gives you full access to all check and deposit details right from our Business Online Banking platform.

PowerLink Mobile

PowerLink Mobile is designed for smaller businesses and provides all the benefits of PowerLink in a mobile app. With PowerLink Mobile, any authorized company employee can make deposits - anywhere, anytime - without needing to have direct business account access.

Positive Pay

Reduce fraud exposure and save yourself time and expense with Positive Pay. This automated fraud detection tool checks both automated items and items presented in our branches against a list of items previously authorized and issued by your company. Items coming through your account much match those parameters or will be researched and decisioned before they are paid. Positive Pay helps you identify unauthorized and counterfeit transactions before they become losses.

Concierge Banking Services

One point of contact for your Treasury Management needs with a personal Treasury Management specialist available to address the specific banking requirements of your business. One call for Pay & Transfer, Payment Collection, Account Management, Fraud and Security services, and more! 

Investment or Credit Line Sweep Services

These Sweep Services ensure that there are no idle balances in your business accounts. An Investment Sweep allows commercial customers to have excess funds in an operating account automatically transferred into an investment account administered by the bank's Investments Department. And, a Credit Line Sweep allows commercial customers to have excess funds in an operating account automatically transferred to pay on their lines of credit. The Credit Line Sweep can also work in the opposite direction and act as a means to transfer available funds from the credit line to the operating account.

Zero Balance Accounts

Our Zero Balance Accounts (ZBAs) provide commercial customers more efficient use of their checking dollars. With ZBAs, one or more subsidiary accounts are tied to a master account. At the close of each business day, the subsidiary account disbursements and deposits are totaled. Funds are then transferred to or from the master account as needed to bring the subsidiary account to a zero balance.

Stephanie Bryant

Stephanie Bryant

Assistant Vice President / Treasury Management
(318) 651-5051 (phone)
1411 North 19th Street, Monroe




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