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What's New?

We are excited to share the enhanced appearance and functionality of our new device-responsive website with you! 


New Features

New Appearance and More

We are proud of the new look-and-feel of our Progressive Bank website, but that's only the beginning.  We have totally revised our website navigation and have added additional features and functionality to make sure you have the experience you expect every time you visit our site.

Enhanced Design and Navigation

Of course, the first thing you notice is our sleek new design.  We believe that the images, page layout, and information that you will find here at our new site more accurately reflect Progressive Bank.  From the side-navigation which provides a better road map to the information you're looking for to our easier single-screen Online Banking Login, everything is designed with you in mind.


One aspect of our new site that we're particularly proud of is that it's 'device responsive' which means that our site, images, and information will adapt to whichever device and screen size that you are using for access.  No more separate mobile site or trying to figure out how to make the main site fit your screen.

Features and Enhancements

Along with our new design, our new website includes several new, or new and improved, features we believe you will find useful.   Here is just a sample.

Progressive Financial Education Center

Our brand new Progressive Financial Education Center  provides tools and info to help you make the financial decisions that are best for you.  Inside the Financial Education Center, you will find a variety of on-demand courses which address a wide range of financial topics.  Each is designed to take less than 10 minutes to complete and you can even design your own playlist of courses that address your personal needs and situation. 

ProView 360 Personal Financial Management

While ProView 360 has been around for a while, we think you will be impressed with the enhancements we have made.  ProView 360, accessible within Online Banking, now provides you with a holistic, integrated view of your finances, not only with Progressive Bank, but with any financial institution for which you have online access.  You can view all of your accounts in one place AND you can use the embedded tools and widgets to track your spending, develop and update your budget, create savings goals, view trends over time, and more!



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